The Pharmaceutical Journal And Transactions

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“3. Explain the meaning of the terms ovule, fruit and a . 4. What is a rhizome, a
tuber and a bulb ? MATEBIA MEDICA'Iime allowel: One Hour. Standard Number
of Marks, 60. 1. \Vhat are the principal bitter tonics used in medicilplplf Give, in
each case, the name and Order of the p t. 2. What drugs islands ? 3. From what
plants and what countries are the following obtoined,—rhubarb, cinnamon,
scnega, orris root, matico and kamala ? 4. What is the drug called .Potlopll-yllin?
and how ...

Pharmaceutical Journal

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Why aro hydrogen and chlorine called chemical •elements ? What are the
combining proportions by weight and by volume of these elements in
hydrochloric acid gas P 2. How would you ascertain whether a specimen of an
acid consisted of nitric or sulphuric acid ? 3. Give a process for converting
mercury into the mcrcurous and mercuric chlorides. BOTAXY. Time allowed : One
Hour. Standard Number of Marks, 50. 1. Explain the characters which distinguish
from Exogent, and give ...

Brookwater S Curse

Author: Steven Van Patten
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1420871609
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He cut educational funding, fought drug wars with slogans instead of stopping the
flooding of drugs and guns into the streets, and ignored the onslaught of terminal
diseases as long as they only killed gays and the poor. Fortunately, just as
slavery birthed the Negro spiritual and Jim Crowe ... She would make me tea, sit
down on her couch, and tell me stories about her childhood in a place called
Godspeed, Alabama. She had come to New York on her own and tried to start a
family, but ...

Herald Of Health

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Surely, genuine piety before God would sit as an umpire in all such cases, and
would say : " If other treatment is better than mine, God speed it I" I can not help
thinking that more than mero human skill and discovery has had to do with the
now very general establishment, in this and other countries, of " Hygienic
Institutions" for the education of a new order of physicians, and a totally new
practice of the Healing Art — rather, old practice revived. If I understand your
healing philosophy, ...

God Bless America

Author: Allen L. Scarbrough
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595220681
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The drugs of choice in that day were of course marijuana, LSD, speed, and
downers or reds as they were called. Today we have a plethora of designer
drugs that I haven't the time or inclination to recall. Suffice it to say that if one
wishes to get high all manner of methods exist. Cocaine came to the fore during
the eighties as the drug of choice of the newly rich. By then I was out of that world.
I have, like many of my generation, decided to imbibe only legal substances,
which are booze ...

Weekly Drug News And Prices Current

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I am very fearful, indeed, and have reason to believe that there are many so-
called pharmacists who do sell liquors by the glass and through the soda
fountain. If this be true, let every man of us strain every talent God has given us to
wipe out this diabolical custom. This must be done before we can expect to
become an honored profession. And now, young graduates, as you go forth into
the arena of life I bid you “God speed.” I welcome you to our ranks, my brother
pharmacists, and ...

A Dictionary Of The Holy Bible

Author: John Brown
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Company of spearmen (or wild beasts of the reed) are savage and wicked
people. Ps. lxviii. 30. See To Eth. SPECIAL; (1.) Chosen from among others. Deut
. vii. 6. (2) Extraordinary. Acts xix. 11. SPECKLED ; spotted with divers colours.
Gen. xxx 3. SPECTACLE; a sight to be gazed at, as when persons for a show
were condemned to fight with wild beasts. 1 Cor. iv. 10. SPEED ; (1.) Haste. Acts
xvii. 15. (2.) Success. Gen. xxiv. 12. To wish one God speed is to wish that God
would succeed ...