American Alphabets

Author: David Walker
Publisher: Field Editions
ISBN: 9780932440280
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A major new anthology of recent American poetry, featuring generous selections of the work of 25 extraordinary poets born since World War II, with thoughtful introductions and annotations.

Lofty Dogmas Poets On Poetry P

Publisher: University of Arkansas Press
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After two marriages that did not last, she moved with her young daughter in 1 9 1
9 to New York City to become a freelance writer. William Carlos Williams,
Marianne Moore, and Edmund Wilson were part of her circle; Wilson became her
mentor. Eventually Bogan became poetry reviewer for the New Yorker and held
the position for thirty-eight years. Her books of poetic criticism include
Achievement in American Poetry (1951) and A Poets' Alphabet (1970). Although
Bogan's Collected ...

Poets Of Modern Ireland

Author: Neil Corcoran
Publisher: SIU Press
ISBN: 9780809322909
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out so many other large proper names ('Christ', 'Shakespeare', 'Graves', '
Constantine'), 'Alphabets' withholds the name of the author and, therefore, the
name of the father: that father who nevertheless casts his shadow over the poem
in its opening line, or at its (and the child's) origin, and whose shadow looms so
large in many other places in this poet's work too: 'A shadow his father makes . . .'.
This asks to be read in the light of Derrida's much- discussed problematization of
the ...

Budding Poets

Author: Jessica Ashworth
Publisher: Teaching and Learning Company
ISBN: 1773446614
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High Level Alphabet poems are made up of words that describe your chosen
topic. You must have one word for every letter of the alphabet, arranged in order.
If you have trouble with letters like X, Y, and Z, try using creative tricks like the
poem below. Don't forget: a poet can write whatever he or she wants! Sick Day
Achoo!, bellyache, cough, doctor, earache, fever, groggy, headache, icepack,
juice, kisses, love, movie, nap, oatmeal, pillows, quilt, restless, sneezing, tears,
upset, ...

Introductions To The Study Of The Greek Classic Poets

Author: Henry Nelson Coleridge
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The remaining three letters, H, *,, CI, were, as it is believed, invented by
Simonides the Younger, the son of Leoprepes, a little before the Persian wars ;
and he is also said to have first appropriated the H to the expression of the long E
, as a vowel sound. This complete alphabet of twenty-four letters was very
commonly called the alphabet of Simonides. It was first adopted by the people of
Samos, and subsequently by the Ionian colonies in general. Callistratus of
Samos is said to have ...

All Poets Welcome

Author: Daniel Kane
Publisher: Univ of California Press
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Besides calling a se- ries of "zzz"'s a sonnet and thereby having some fun at the
expense of poetry traditionalists, the poet as a biographical "I" representing the
poem is comically extinguished by the surfeit of "z"'s. Like Warhol's mechanical
reproductions of everyday objects and images, this reproduction of a single letter
emphasizes process and surface, thereby denying symbolic significance to a
sacral word or image. Repeating the final letter of the alphabet, while serving the

The Poet S Ogam A Living Magical Tradition

Author: John-Paul Patton
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1447550897
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In this chapter I will explore briefly a range of other ancient alphabets, to illustrate
what early humans were capable of and some that may have influenced the
creation of Ogam. The Iberian Scripts These alphabets were in use on the Iberian
Peninsula from at least around 500bce to 100ce and were used with the extinct
Iberian language. Many of the symbols bear a close resemblance to Runes and
some appear like Ogam symbols. Here is an indigenous alphabet in a
neighbouring ...