Wimberly Family History

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Rush, Jr. and Lynn graduated from the University of Arkansas. Lynn is a Phi Beta
Kappa. Rush, Jr. died 40 years to the day after his great-grandfather, Hugh R.
Wimberly, died." The two children of Rush and Lynn are: (a) REBECCA LYNN
ALLUMS, b. ll Apr l959 Shreveport, Caddo Par. LA. (b) RUSH WIMBERLY
ALLUMS, III, b. 20 May l962 Little Rock, Pulaski Co. AR. Rush Wimberly Allums,
Jr. married (second) SANDRA "Sandy" HALL, b. l2 Oct l940 Denver, CO,
daughter of Howard ...

Women And Science

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... Burger Dept. of Biology 8c Women's Research Institute Virginia Polytechnic
Institute and State University 10 Sandy Hall Blacksburg, VA 24061-0338 Joan S.
Burrelli National Science Foundation 4201 Wilson Boulevard, Room 965
Arlington, ... 785 Arlington, VA 22230 Sydney A. Cameron Research Asst.
Professor Department of Biological Sciences University of Arkansas Fayetteville,
AR 72701 Patricia B. Campbell Director Campbell-Kibler Association 80
Lakeside Drive Groton, ...

Special Libraries

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... J HALL sculgwon R. Gugge NHE t M Mus 107.1 F if I H Awe NE 4 York NY loo.
28 A led 760 PATR ic i A. L. Hall ECKER T S E AMANs che Rin MELL01 I L i BR
600 GRani st Pi i r S auRu,H PA 15.219 A 180 903 MRS Run H L HALL 1 319
she PHERD st NE was H 1 NGT on DC 2001 to G 240 901 902 SANDY HALL AR
I dona DAi LY STAR Li far P0 box 26.801 Tucson AR 1 - 857.26 A 310 480 780
820 MRs vivi An s HALL uni w xen-TuckGEOL L i BR 100 Bowman HALL LExi
NGT on ...

Special Libraries

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A 200 590 & 10 MARGARET S HALL ME TROPOL i T An Li FE insur ANCE CO L
i BRARY 1 MADi Sun Awe New York NY 100 lo A 160 640 720 MARY J H ALL
sol 0MON R GUGGENHE IM Muse UM 107.1 F if I H Aw E new York n Y 100.28 A
leo 760 MR's RuTH L HALL 13 19 SHEPHERU S I NE was Hi NG sun DC 2001 7
G 240 so a 90.2 as SANDY HALL AR i lu NA DAILY STAR L i BRARY 48.50 S
PARK AVE PO Box 26.807 Tucson AR 1 - 857.26 A 3.10 Z80 s i GRI D R HALL 1

Encyclopaedia Perthensis Or Universal Dictionary Of Knowledge With Supp

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Their instruments of ar are spears, daggers, clubs, and Dings, and r defensive
armour they wear strong mats, which e not easily penetrated. ... Sandy Bay.] a
inlh of Scotland, in Shetland, united with those OunroJsness,AnA Konn'mgsberg
or Cunningsburgb. nese united parishes lie in the S. extremity of liinland. See
Dunrossness. (2.) Sandwick, a parilh of Scotland, in Ork- 7, united with that of
Stromness ... Sandy Hall Bay, a bay on theNE.coaft. of St Christophers, W. of
Windward Point.

The New Encyclop Dia Or Universal Dictionary Ofarts And Sciences

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At Owhyhee there i? a regular socie- if priests living by themselves, ar. J dirtinct
fro:a rest of the people. Human sacrifices are fre- nt; not only ... 9. . (9. 13. S. 1.)
SANDW1CK, [Norse, i. e. Sandy Bay,] a Hi of Scotland, in Shetian !, unite! with
thole fanrofnefi, and Kuniagjbtrg Or Cunaiugfburgh. It united parishes iie in the S.
extremity of mand. ... Sandy Hall Bay1, a bay on she T^E. coat1 of St
Christophers, \V. of Windward Point. (7.) Sandy Hivl Point, 3 cape oti the N; co 1st
of Barbados*. 18.