Designing Data Intensive Applications

Author: Martin Kleppmann
Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
ISBN: 1491903112
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Software keeps changing, but the fundamental principles remain the same. With this book, software engineers and architects will learn how to apply those ideas in practice, and how to make full use of data in modern applications.

Proceedings Workshop On Enabling Technologies Infrastructure For Collaborative Enterprises

Author: IEEE Computer Society. Technical Committee on Data Engineering
ISBN: 9780769521831
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Technical Committee on Data Engineering, Concurrent Engineering Research
Center (U.S.) ... computers into one big virtual computer, which combines all the
resources that particular computers possess. ... In this paper we take a point of
view of data-intensive applications, where distribution of computations is based
on distribution of data. ... Responsibility, reliability, security and complexity of
business applications imply that distribution of data must be a planned phase of
disciplined ...


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Processing-intensive components and applications involve usually few data and
many processing power. This is the ... In addition, where the computation
complexity is a big issue, each filter can be organized in a layered fashion. A
central ... They provide the necessary flexibility and reliability in the presentation
... [Deu89] L. P. Deutsch, Design reuse and frameworks in the SmaIltaIk-80
system. In T. J. ...

Advances In Wireless Sensor Networks

Author: Ruchuan Wang
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3642362524
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Link scheduling is one of the main difficulties for a large amount of data real-time
and reliable transmission in Wireless ... Because its widely applications in military
and civilian, it has caused intensive attention of governments and academia [1].
... Large amount of data make a big challenge for transport protocols(Multimedia
data has 2-3 orders of magnitude than single ... The main idea of these
algorithms is taking into account the queue length from the upper layer of
networks while ...

Personal Computer Magazine

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It's left up to the board makers to decide whether to design products that are set
up with jumpers and DIP switches or ... INTEL'S IDEA Intel Corp. introduced its
own local-bus specification, called Peripheral Component Interconnect or PCI, in
July of 1992. ... and it envisions the use of high-performance peripherals for
multimedia and other data-intensive applications. ... the profusion of integrated
circuits commonly required to connect the big VLSI (very large-scale integration)
chips that ...


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It covers the entire field of television technology, including not only the basic
fundamentals, but practical design data for ... and background of analysis and
measurement is given, to provide engineers with an Intensive one-volume
treatment of ... to find basic circuit Ideas for particular applications — consult this
big, handy collection of tested circuits — selected from ... a controlled heating
time to insure dependable performance in tv receivers utilizing series-heater-
string arrangement.


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Unencumbered by past ideas and methods, Power Dynamics offers advanced
technology and conservative design to ... Call us for your application: (213) 767-
9640, 875-1012 • TWX: 910-498-4841 POWER DYNAMICS CORP. ... High input
impedance - well in excess of needle APM's High reliability. ... The RAM-
intensive method, on the other hand, stores the ASCII data for a character rather
than the character's entire bit ... EDN MARCH 5, 1980 Let's say you're in a big
hurry to get a.


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Like traditional mainframe computers, the micromainframe handles 32 bits of
data information— twice as much as today's most powerful microprocessor. As a
result, the ... Adds Vadasz: "At least half of the applications that will exist in 5 or
10 years, we can't even imagine today. ... Writing software is a labor-intensive
effort for which costs are moving upward at a fast clip. To hold ... Another
equipment maker that has big ideas on how to use the new chip computer is
Hewlett-Packard Co.

1981 Icee Proceedings April 13 15 1981 Lincoln Plaza Forum Oklahoma City Oklahoma

Author: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Oklahoma City Section
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Engineer the system to be simple and reliable so that O&M costs can be reduced.
4. Design the system for a long life. 5. ... Application of mass production
techniques will certainly bring their cost down from where they are now, but not
below the lower bound ... The market for WECS is not big enough at present to
support even a few plants manufacturing on a large scale. ... In every one of
these suggestions, the idea behind the subsidy is to lower the economic barrier
imposed by the ...