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Leading a double life, Boston paramedic Cacy Ferry, who also escorts the dead to the Afterlife, is unable to deny her attraction to her new partner, who is hiding a secret of his own, while trying to secure humanity's future after a rogue ...


Author: Sarah Fine
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Brilliant scientist Galena Margolis is intent on creating a vaccine that can save millions, but when she becomes a target, Declan Ferry promises to keep her safe and discover who is threatening her life and work.


Author: Sarah Fine
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Aislin Ferry and Jason Moros have only days until they will be called to account before the Keepers of the Afterlife.


Author: Cherie Reich
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A novella set within The Fate Challenges Cherie Reich. why we needed to be
careful. But the coldness radiating from her chilled me. If she wanted to act like a
spoiled Royal, then so be it. I said nothing as I passed her and ... Or perhaps its
rumblings were just from being hungry. It'd been hours since I'd last eaten. I was
grateful not to have to wait to eat this celebration. How could the Royals and
honored guests dine while servants, guards, and entertainers didn't? Would Yssa
become ...

Author: Philip Pullman
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เมื่อโรเจอร์เพื่อนรักถูกขบวนการร้าย "ตัวกินเด็ก" จับตัวไป ไลราและภูตประจำตัวของเธอ ...

A Marked Man

Author: Ada Cambridge
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They smoothed her white gown over her placid form, and Richard, looking at her,
ceased to howl, for he saw that she had ceased to suffer. It was not yet daylight
when the doctors, who had come too late, were shown out of the house. Mr.
Delavel spoke to them quietly and rationally, and thanked them for the useless
efforts they had made to reverse the decree of fate ; then he desired the servants
to return to bed, kissed his daughter, and went back to his dead companion,
locking the ...

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South Asian Languages

Author: Kārumūri V. Subbārāo
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521861489
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In Manipuri, the subject as a possessor is genitive case-marked (5). subject is
genitive case-marked Manipuri (TB) (5) mahak- ki minai yamna lay he- gen
servant many has 'He has got many servants.' (Subbarao et al. 2007: 310) PRO
occurs in a CP ... a dative/locative case-marked NP occurs. (8) [PROi dosa ta-
raga- su] mangoni- da dat/loc ill-fate fall- cpm- also he- dat/loc nungai- ta- ba lay-
te happy- neg- inf be- neg 'In spite of having ill fate fallen [falling] on him, he does
not regret.

Linguistics Of The Himalayas And Beyond

Author: Roland Bielmeier
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 9783110198287
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Subject is nominative-Case marked: Manipuri: (56) tomba-na tombi-bu u-i Tomba
nom Tombi acc see pres 'Tomba saw Tombi.' Subject is genitive-Case marked:
Manipuri: (57) mahak-ki minai yamna lay he gen servant many has 'He has got
many servants.' Subject is dative/locative-Case marked:4 Manipuri: (58) mangon-
da dosa ta-re he dat/loc ill-fate fall nfut 'Ill-fate fell on him.' PRO occurs in a CP
construction in a position in which a genitive-Case marked NP occurs. Manipuri: (
59) ...

Venice Preserv D Marked With The Variations In The Manager S Book At The Theatre Royal In Covent Garden

Author: Thomas Otway
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Methinks I read distraćtion in your face, Something less gentle than the fate you
tell me. You shake and tremble too ! your blood runs cold! Heav'ns guard my love
, and bless his heart with patience. jaff. That I have patience, let our fate bear
witness, Who has ordain'd it so, that thou and I, (Thou, the divinest good man e'er
possess'd, And I, the wretched'st of the race of man) This very hour, without one
tear, must part. Bel. ... Rise, madam, and command amongst your servants. jaff.
To you ...