Inside The Founding Of Newsweek How A Hot Tempered One Legged R A F Pilot Launched An American Media Giant

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In reality, income from circulation sales was paying close to twothirds of
Newsweek's total expense in the fourth year. No wonder Wilton LloydSmith
called Newsweek a valuable property. Had Newsweek adopted mass methods to
secure its subscriptions,the net loss would have been at least $3,000,000 for the
fouryear period, probably more than $4,000,000, depending principally on the
cost of obtaining each subscription. Although I am no longer familiar with current
publishing ...

A Treasury Of Vivid Newsweek English

Author: Francis G. Johann
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bare one's soul: reveal one's most intimate feelings and thoughts ++++++++++++
++++++++++++++++++++++++ Newsweek: You guys bare your souls in the
movie. Don't you feel a bit naked? Lars Ulrich: Sure. [But] I'm Danish, so I like
being naked. [Compiler's note: The Newsweek interviewer makes a pun on "bare
" which also means "naked."] (Newsweek June 28, 2004 - Periscope - "
Interviewing Lars Ulrich") baron: a man of great power or influence in some field
of activity, as in "a ...


Author: Karl Ernest Meyer
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Time Newsweek 1300

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Shawn Hoi ley (xs- > " *'J- ) iilR, 7" -7 7 -f .y 7 - f-f -f > 1994^, Holley International
ZSxZ/ T v> 4 „ © Shawn Holley, 1995, Printed in Japan HME/Newsweek*
Sttrl300H * * Shawn Holley *i » Rff* ffl Tioi « IS 03-3291-39861(0 7r7X 03-3291-
6749 )EgD^ 00140-9-66728 i < £« - HlJti - t «-»!; J t ) w)i*f-x-/B'S(i- M* SLT*.
ISBN4-87615-690-5 C0082 *1750E 9784876156900 1920082017507 rwnsiBiwj
&ifi8<o»if rtu. lSBN4-87615-690-5 C0082.

Msnbc Newsweek America Under Attack

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MSNBC presents the full texts of commemorative issues of "Newsweek," as well as current and archived news reports relating to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks against the United States and their aftermath.