Pap With A Hatchet

Author: Thomas Nashe
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This early work by Thomas Nashe was originally published in the 16th century and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography. 'Pap with a Hatchet' is a work of social criticism aimed at Martin Mar-prelate.

Pap With An Hatchet By John Lyly

Author: Leah Scragg
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With reproduction of original title page: Pappe with an hatchet: alias, A figge for my god sonne, or, Cracke me this nut, or, A countrie cuffe, that is, a sound boxe of the eare, for the idiot Martin to hold his peace, seeing the patch will ...

Puritan Discipline Tracts Lyly J Attributed Author Pap With A Hatchet 1844

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Pappe with an hatchet] According to Mr. Park, in his Notes on the following
quotations, “ to give pap with a hatchet ” is a proverbial phrase for doing a kind
thing in an unkind manner. “They give us pap with a spoone before we can
speake, and when we speake for that we love, pap with a hatchet.”—LYLY'S
Court Comed. Z 12 b. “ He that so old seeks for a nurse so young, shall have pap
with a hatchet for his comfort.”—Disc. of Marr. Harl. Misc. ii. 171. So the author of
the present tract, ...

Medieval And Renaissance Drama In England

Author: S. P. Cerasano
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appear to invite topical application (e.g., 4.3.1-24). None of the proposed
readings has met, however, with universal acceptance. For a fuller discussion of
topical allusion in Lyly's plays, see Richard Dutton, Mastering the Revels: The
Regulation and Censorship of English Renaissance Drama (Iowa, University of
Iowa Press, 1991), 55-65. 32. An Advertisement for Pap-hatchet, 134 (Grosart, 2:
213). 33. Hunter, for example, speaks of his "ineptitude in polemic" (80). 34.
Quoted from Bond ...

Studies Of Shakspere

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Nashe was a writer for the theatre, and so was John Lyly, the author of one of the
most remarkable pamphlets produced on this occasion, called “Pap with a
Hatchet.” Harvey, it must be observed, was the intimate friend of Spenser; and in
a pamphlet which he dates from Trinity Hall, November 5, 1589, he thus attacks
the author of “Pap with a Hatchet,” the more celebrated Euphuist, whom Sir
Walter Scott's novel has made familiar to us : — “I am threatened with a bable,
and Martin ...

Divulging Utopia

Author: David Weil Baker
Publisher: Univ of Massachusetts Press
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Harvey, "Advertisement for Pap Hatchet," 94-95. 29. See Harvey, "Advertisement
for Pap Hatchet," 98, 100, 101. See also Harvey's linking Four Letters, p. 54,
where Harvey castigates satirical wits and in so doing makes reference to the
canicular Mother Hubberd: they can lash poor soules and spurgall asses mightily
, they can tell parlous tales of bears and foxes, as shrewdly as mother hubberd . .
. they will be as egregiously famous as ever was Herostratus, or Pausanius, or
Kett, ...

The Athenaeum

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We conclude by tendering our thanks to the Rev. William Hunter, the librarian, for
facilities afforded to us in drawing up this account of Dr. Williams's Library, a
library from its commencement accessible to the public through proper
recommendation, and now open daily between the hours of ten o'clock and five.
HATCHET. NASHE's reputation as a satirist was so great that in later years his
name eclipsed those of ...

Thomas Nashe Routledge Revivals

Author: Stanley Wells
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foutshifts outstart fover-dredge overdreep overslip overthwart overwharter
packing pack-needle pack up his pipes pad paeonia tpagled painful pair palma
Christi Pamphlagonian pantofles Pap-hatchet Pap-hatchet opponents and
respondents i.e. opposers and proposers opprobrium 'O, how great an artist I die
!* suppliant, petitioner ordnance; cannon eating-place ? bombastic 'O, unheard-of
villain! O voice of the damned!' hostelry owed non-resident member of a fraternity
perhaps 'the ...


Author: John Lyly
Publisher: Manchester University Press
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Gabriel Harvey's reply to Lyly's Pap with an Hatchet (October 1589), entitled An
Advertisement for Pap-Hatchet and Martin Mar-Prelate and written 'at Trinity Hall,
this fifth of November, 1589', includes the following passage: 'Faith, quoth himself
, thou wilt be caught by the style. Indeed what more easy than to find the man by
his humour, the Midas by his ears, the calf by his tongue, the goose by his quill,
the playmaker by his style, the hatchet by the Pap.' The Midas story was no doubt