Gardening All In One For Dummies

Author: The National Gardening Association
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Chapter 4:ABulb for All Seasons 'Monte Carlo': Fragrant, bright yellow flowers top
12-inch (30-cm) stems. 'Peach Blossom': Rosy-pink blossoms that ... per stem —
but what an interesting flower. You'll want to reach out and touch the crystal-like
petal fringes on these unique mid- to late-season beauties. ... They make an
interesting cut flower and offer striking, full blossoms well into the season, and
plants reach 16 to 20 inches (41 to 51 cm). With fragrance and long-lasting
reliability, the ...

The Flower Gardener S Bible

Author: Lewis Hill
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A Complete Guide to Colorful Blooms All Season Long: 400 Favorite Flowers,
Time-Tested Techniques, Creative Garden Designs, and a Lifetime of Gardening
Wisdom Lewis Hill, Nancy Hill ... companions: White phlox, snapdragons (
Antirrhinum majus), wormwoods (Artemisia) Propagation: Sow seed as soon as it
ripens; divide clumps; take cuttings Zones: Varies (see below) Sea hollies are
striking, thistlelike plants 2-4 feet tall with blue or white flowers and spiny blue-
gray foliage.

Favourite Flowers How To Grow Them

Author: Alfred Gillett Sutton
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Water them over-head, once or twice, after • re-potting; but never allow heavy rain
to have access to the place they are in. At this stage of their growth be careful to
ascertain that the plants are dry before watering. More plants die at this season
from inattention in this respect than from any other cause. Watch for green-fly ; it
will attack the young growth if not checked. Cuttings may be put in to strike, and
those that are rooted should be potted off into small sixties, and placed in a close

Perennial All Stars

Author: Jeff Cox
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DWARF CHINESE ASTILBE ( Astilbe chinensfs var.pumila IT WAS ON MY FIRST
WALK with renowned perennial plantsman Fred McGourty, in his Connecticut
garden one August, that he pointed out a striking, spiky-looking, raspberry ...
These plants bloom late in the season, with flowers that resemble those of dwarf
Chinese astilbe and, like their parent, they tend to be more drought tolerant than
the more widely grown summer-flowering hybrid astilbes (A. x arendsii cultivars). '
Finale' ...

Flower Gardening In The Hot Midwest

Author: L. L. Hillegass
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
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The plants in the genus Geranium I'm recommending here are perennials — far
more subtle plants with smaller leaves and blossoms. Though often suggested
for full sun, they fare better in light shade in our climate. They are more interesting
than showy, with flowers that are pleasant but not striking or profuse, and a cut
leaf shape and rough texture that provide good contrast. There are lots of species
and cultivars to choose from, so if geraniums appeal to you, just start trying them.

The Well Tended Perennial Garden

Author: Tracy DiSabato-Aust
Publisher: Timber Press
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Any dividing should be done in the spring. related plantS Select cultivars of
Salvia ×sylvestris over the species form for more compact growth and longer
bloom periods. 'Blue Hill' ('Blauhügel') and 'Rose Queen' both reach 20 in. and
have distinctive sky-blue and rose-pink flowers, respectively. 'Caradonna' has tall
, strong, slim spikes of violet-blue flowers on dark stems and is a favorite among
many garden designers. 'East Friesland' ('Ostfriesland') is a deep violet-blue
sterile form that ...

The Horticulture Gardener S Guides Perennials

Author: Andy McIndoe
Publisher: David & Charles
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Its rounded leaves have three sharp points and are light green flushed to varying
degrees with reddish maroon. The airy heads of white flowers often show a hint
of pink. All three species range in height from 8-20 in. (20 to 50 cm). Tiarella 'Iron
Butterfly' (zone 4-9) is one of many new selections; it has large, deeply divided
medium green leaves, with a striking dark red-black stripe on each segment, and
flowers similar to those of Tiarella 'Spring Symphony' (zone 4-9). Tiarella 'Jeepers

Best Plants For New Mexico Gardens And Landscapes

Author: Baker H. Morrow
Publisher: UNM Press
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Plant. Selection. The species on the “best plants” lists that follow are among my
personal favorites. I have selected them for their hardiness, their adaptability,
their consistent performance and rate of growth, their interest and beauty—and
their availability. No matter how desirable or striking a species may be, I won't
recommend it if it cannot be found and used with little trouble. Although everyone
knows that direct work with plants or gardening is fundamentally good for people,
no one ...


Author: Fine Gardening
Publisher: Taunton Press
ISBN: 9781561580545
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by John Smith istilbes are among the most beautiful, most rewarding and easiest
to grow of all herbaceous perennials. From the time they leaf out in early spring
until tall frost, their medium- to deep-green, sometimes bronze-red compound
leaves, which grow 12 in. to 15 in. tall, complement the other perennials in my
garden. Individual astilbe flowers are tiny, but together they form a striking
plumelike inflorescence, called a panicle. This flower stalk, which ranges in
height from about 8 ...

Essential Perennials

Author: Ruth Rogers Clausen
Publisher: Timber Press
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Araceae arum, lords-and-ladies Perfect to add pizzazz to the off-season garden,
arums produce their often showy, undivided leaves (related Arisaema has
divided leaves) from tubers in fall and retain them all winter long; they are arrow
shaped and often decorated with contrasting marbling. Flowers typical of the
Araceae, composed of a hood-like spathe surrounding the erect spadix, appear
in spring. If pollinated, bright red berries (favorite food for wildlife) appear on the
spadix above ...