The Theological Class Book Containing A System Of Divinity In The Form Of Question And Answer Accompanied With Scripture Proofs Designed For The Benefit Of Theological Classes And The Higher Classes In Sabbath Schools

Author: William Cogswell
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the subject, declares that the different parts of the Bible, ever since their existence
(and some parts of it are the most ancient of ... This coincidence between sacred
and profane history is an evidence in favor of the truth, and consequently of the
divinity, of the Scriptures. 2. ... and those that had the palsy ; and he healed them.
Acts v. 12. And by the hands ofthe apostles were many signs and wonders ...

Catalogue Of The Educational Division Of The South Kensington Museum

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... Expounded, &c. See Testament. iper (The) of Sunday Teaching, containing
Readings for Sundays, ns on the Gospels, Questions on the Catechism. ... 8vo.
cloth, limp, 6d. each : — The Gospels of S. Mark, S.Luke,and S.John ; The Acts
ofthe Apostles, 9d.; t & II. Kings ; I. & II. ... W. H. Analysis of Scripture History, with
Examination Questions, intended for readers of Old Testament History. 10th

Biblical Worship Through Music

Author: Robert Austell
ISBN: 0557047390
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A Commentary on the Confession of Faith: With Questions for Theological
Students and Bible Classes. Philadelphia: ... Johnson, Dennis E. The Message
ofActs in the History ofRedemption. Phillipsburg, New Jersey: ... The Acts ofthe


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A Family Guide to Scripture Readings and a Handbook for Students. Illustrated. ...
In Question and Answer. ... Cd. THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES. 31! ... Upwards
of I,Ioo Reasons explanatory ofthe Pli sical Phenomena o! the I-IzirIlI, its
Geological History, t e Geogra lIical Distribution of Plants, Animals, Arc. Illustrath .
Cloth ...

Straight Answers To 21 Honest Questions About Prayer

Author: Charles Simpson
Publisher: Chosen Books
ISBN: 1441263225
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continued in one accord in the apostles' teaching, breaking bread together in joy
and fellowship and praising God every day. ... to occur,as recordedin Acts,
throughout the New Testament (see Acts 10,19; Ephesians 5:18) and throughout
history. ... that such experiences “ceased” when the last apostle died, very
apostle in in spite of the words ofthe Peter Acts 2:39 orthe ... I draw a number of
lessons from the New Testament and from more recent accounts about praying in
the Spirit.

Scriptural Lessons From The Civil War

Author: Don Kienholz
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 1449741975
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Concerning Christ's goodness, the apostle Peter observed “how God anointed
Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power, and how he went around doing
good and healing all who were under the power ofthe devil” (Acts 10:38). Many
people today mistakenly approach the Lord Jesus as they would any other
person in history who has exhibited goodness ... with a question fell on his knees,
then addressed Jesus as “good teacher,” Jesus answered, “Why do you call me

The Athenaeum

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Generous thought, clothed in stirring verse."-Athm¢um. “ A book ... Dr.
PINNOCK'S ANALYSIS of SCRIPTURE HISTORY. with Examination Questions.
Twelfth ... W. TROLLOPE'S COMMENTARY on the ACTS ofthe APOSTLES. with
Exsmination Quutions. Fourth Edition. ... The Rev. W. TROLLOPE'S QUESTIONS
Cloth boards ...

An Exposition Of The Acts Of The Apostles

Author: Rev. John Macevilly D.D.
Publisher: Aeterna Press
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Philip was inspired to put this question, which the eunuch took in good part. 31.
The answer, according to the Greek construction, implies a negative. ... “This
eunuch didnot findthe Scriptures soperspicuous asthey are now made, notonly
by handicraft men, but by shoemakers, tailors, ... Generally understood of His
Divine origin,of His eternal generation begottenofhis father. ... Who, then,can
sufficiently describethe crimes ofthe guilty generation of menof His own day, by
whomHe wasthus.

Analysis Of The History Of Germany With Brief Extracts From Standard Authorities Etc

Author: Dawson William Turner
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"n 12 General Lists of School-Books The Stepping-Stone to French History. by a
Teacher, 18m0. . . . ...... . . . . . . . . . . 1s. ... Corner's Questions on the History of
Europe, a Sequel to Mangnall's, 12mo. . . 5s. Turner's ... Outlines of Grecian
History, for Families and Schools, 18m0. .... .In the press. Riddle's Manual ofthe
Whole Scripture History, fcp.. ... Humphry's Commentary on the Acts of the
Apostles, 8vo.

St Peter His Name And His Office As Set Forth In Holy Scripture

Author: Thomas W. Allies
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 1465555641
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Now the two classes of facts just mentioned, as to the mode in which the
Evangelists speak of Peter in combination with the other Apostles, prove directly
and plainly his Primacy, while they do not directly prove, save ... thatit
settheApostles on the immediate enquiry, who should bethe greater among them:
the answer to which we will revert to presently. ... [14] ButPeter's name is
wroughtintothewhole tissue ofthe Gospel history; he is perpetually
approachingtheLordwith questions: "Lord, ...