The Gods Must Be Us

Author: Dennis N. Clegg, PhD
Publisher: Balboa Press
ISBN: 1504325974
Size: 69.61 MB
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Fiction often introduces us to possibilities that redirect how we live.

The Gods Must Be Making Us Crazy

Author: Lindsay Nadine Morrow
Size: 33.27 MB
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Using Wave III of the Baylor Religion Survey, this research examines the relationship between mental health and religion in a unique way.

Knowing Gods Will

Author: Bob Gass
Publisher: Celebration Enterprises
ISBN: 1495106446
Size: 34.45 MB
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If we pray diligently, hear from God, then start asking everybody else what they
think, we're honoring people's opinion above God's! This will prevent us from
developing a relationship in which we consistently hear from Him. We need to
trust God to instruct us without needing constant reassurance from others.“The
anointing (the sacred appointment, the unction) which you received from Him
abides [permanently] in you;[so] then you haveno need that anyone should
instruct you.

Why The Universe Bothers To Exist

Author: David V. McCorkle
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
ISBN: 1622125800
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An obvious question that emerges is “If there is a sentience (God) that transcends
our universe, and all other relative somethingness, why should God be
concerned that we humans, on this tiny planet, be provided evidence of his
existence?” Why should it be that we of limited sentience be allowed to conceive
of God's infinite sentience? To better understand this dilemma, let us further
explore the implications of God as infinitely complex, absolute somethingness.
First, let's consider the ...

The God Who Hears

Author: W. Bingham Hunter
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 9780877846048
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The thing for all of us to remember is this: someone else does the answering. . . .
What you have in mind may not be what God has in mind. If you ask him
something, you must be willing to take what he gives. . . . That is why I am a bit
depressed by the writings of those who try to get other people to pray by telling
them that you get what you want. People must learn to want what they get. . . .
When I talk to soldiers about prayer I try to tell them that they must be adults. God
expects us to be ...

Temple Of The Gods

Author: Steve Harper
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595398448
Size: 45.51 MB
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We had trained our bodies and our senses to react to anything, no matter how
infinite or miniscule it seemed to us. We also laid brilliant traps that would
defiantly impale the sharpest of opponents, should the need arise. If there was
anything we'd taken away from this experience, it was that we had to stick
together. We had to put aside our differences, and not be too consumed by our
own agendas to see the obvious staring us right in the face! This was about
survive and the right to ...

True Spirituality

Author: Francis Schaeffer
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 9781414356839
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The Christian system of thought and life begins with a God who is infinite and
personal, with a strong emphasis on his personality. Because of this, personality
is truly valid and central in the universe and is not just a matter of chance.
Throughout the Word of God it is made very plain that God deals with us first of all
on the basis of what he himself is; and secondly on the basis of what he has
made us. He will not violate that which he himself is, nor will he violate that which
he has made ...

God Must Be Sleeping

Author: Gregg Tyler Milligan
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 1457506505
Size: 34.46 MB
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meet her at Jthe house. With one look, she knew whatever had happened had
started with Mother. I wiped the snot from my nose, and the three of us started
walking home. When jessica turned into the driveway, Mother darted in the house
. We watched as jessica got out of her car, walking briskly and bent-over with her
fists pumping back and forth as she went. She strode with a purpose, and I was
filled ...

Experiencing God S Presence

Author: Matthew Henry
Publisher: Whitaker House
ISBN: 1629111112
Size: 46.39 MB
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However, it was not only in the morning that David prayed, for he solemnly
undertook the duty of prayer three times a day, as Daniel did: “Evening, and
morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud” (Ps. 55:17). No, he did not even
think that was enough, for he said, “Seven times a day do I praise thee” (Ps. 119:
164). But I wish to focus particularly on the morning. I will show that it is our
wisdom and duty to begin every day with God. Let us observe in the words of our
text, first, the good ...

Thy Will Be Done In Me

Author: David Westphal
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1477128395
Size: 42.73 MB
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the immense grandeur of the building but at the power it had in revealing the
grace and glory of God. There, we were told, we were standing on a spot where
Christians had gathered for worship since the seventh century. “Imagine,” I
thought to myself, “people of faith have been raising their voices to God in this
place for over 1300 years.” I was in awe. It is with awe that our relationship with
God must begin. The Lord's Prayer leads us in that direction. The “Our Father”, as
some Christian ...