Author: Plato
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The Symposium is a philosophical text by Plato dated c. 385–370 BC. It concerns itself at one level with the genesis, purpose and nature of love, and (in latter-day interpretations) is the origin of the concept of Platonic love.

The Symposium Of Plato

Author: Plato
Publisher: Univ of Massachusetts Press
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This new translation of Plato's dialogue on love avoids the cumbersome locutions of Victorian versions and presents Plato's ancient drinking party in a vigorous contemporary idiom.

The Symposium

Author: Saint Methodius (of Olympus)
Publisher: Paulist Press
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The Symposium, or Banquet, is a dialogue in imitation of Plato, written by Methodius, a teacher and probably a bishop, who flourished in Lycia during the period known as the Little Peace of the Church.

Plato S Symposium

Author: Frisbee C. C. Sheffield
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
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In its focus on the question why he considered desires to be amenable to this type of reflection, this book explores Plato's ethics of desire.

The Symposium And The Phaedrus

Author: Plato
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3 Commentary on the Symposium The commentary presupposes a basic
familiarity with the text of the dialogue and with the topics discussed in the
general introduction above. My intention is to encourage the reader to focus on
the entirety of the text and to open up the reader's reflection on the dialogue by
commenting on various issues and interpretations. I am particularly concerned to
bring out the possible significance of dramatic and literary aspects of the
dialogue and to suggest ...

The Symposium

Author: Plato
Publisher: Yale University Press
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R. E. Allen's superb new translation of Plato's Symposium brings this classic text to life for modern readers.

Selected Proceedings Of The Symposium On Estimating Functions

Author: Ishwar V. Basawa
Publisher: IMS
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Institute of Mathematical Statistics LECTURE NOTES — MONOGRAPH SERIES
Basawa University of Georgia V. P. Godambe University of Waterloo R. L. Taylor
University of Georgia The Symposium on Estimating Functions was held at the
University of Georgia from March 21, 1996 to March 23, 1996. The Symposium
was co- sponsored by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics and the Statistical
Society of ...

Plato The Symposium

Author: Frisbee C. C. Sheffield
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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Theattempt to purge the city of its associations with such men and recover from
the war forms the backdrop for Socrates' trial. If Alcibiades was an associate of
Socrates, then perhaps Socrates was partly to blame for the corruption of this
promising youth, at least. Plato was evidently not a man to hide from a challenge
and he faces this one explicitly in the final speech of the dialogue. Alcibiades
enters the symposium, drunk, and escorted by flute girls. When he delivers his
speech about ...