The Wine Controversy

Author: Lynn Atwell
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The purpose of this book, therefore, is to present to the reader what the Bible really teaches about the good and the bad of drinking alcohol.

Thomas Jefferson On Wine

Author: John R. Hailman
Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi
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The last thing one would have imagined about Jefferson is a controversy over his
wines. For nearly two centuries, including the Prohibition era, the only possible
controversy about Jefferson and wine was the fact that he was not a teetotaler, as
Founding Fathers were sort of expected to be. Even as his love of wine came to
light, however, his insistence on sobriety and moderation, and his frequent
denunciations of whisky and strong spirits, supported his positive image more or
less ...

Cracking The Wine Case

Author: Scott E. Smith
Publisher: Scott Smith
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I had studied every facet of the drinking controversy. I had examined the word “
wine” in both Hebrew and Greek. I had scrutinized the ancient customs but this
pastor was bent on destroying any evidence for the truth by his slippery sarcasm
—and he was the one that had a beer in his hand when he said it! Do you know
the difference between a debate and an argument? A debate is something that
takes place between two sensible and informed people. In a debate, the
discussion is ...

The Great Awakening On Temperance And The Great Controversy Romanism Protestantism And Judaism

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Alcoholic wine—and all the wines of commerce, all the wines in common use are
alcoholic—is and always has been a dangerous article, and, long before the art
of distilling was known, the world was cursed with intemperance. Noah and Lot
fell through the use of wine. Aaron and his sons were forbidden to drink wine
when they went into the tabernacle of the congregation, that they might put a
difference between the holy and the unholy, and not die as did Nadab and Abihu.
Solomon ...

The Alcoholic Controversy A Review Of The Westminster Review On The Physiological Errors Of Teetotalism

Author: Russell Thacher TRALL
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nouncing as imposture the opinions and practices of those difl'ering from their
own. In cases where testimonies are opposite and contradictory, and the
witnesses in both cases are equally entitled to credit, I see no other mode of
arriving at a correct determination in the matter than by using our own reason and
common sense (if we are conscious of having any) in ascertaining which side of
the controversy comes nearest the truth. If I am justified in exercising my reason
in choosing my ...

Pure Wine And How To Know It

Author: James Lemoine Denman
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The Pure Wine Controversy — The Wines which are not Wines — The Wines
which were too Young to exhibit their Ml Value — The ill-chosen Wine-glasses —
The " Sipping," suitable for Drams, makes pure Wine insipid — Surprise that Wine
is not as strong as Brandy ; that it is occasionally liable to be Cloudy, and when
Young is somewhat Rough — The Value of Greek Wines shown by their keeping
Powers — The Appeal to Old Customers, or the argwmentum ad rem — Change
of ...

The Faith Of Catholics On Certain Points Of Controversy Confirmed By Scripture And Attested By The Fathers Of The First Five Centuries Of The Church

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But that thou mayest also recognize in wine an ancient figure of blood, Isaias wilr
be at hand : Who is he, he asks, that cometh from Edom ? the redness of his
garments from Bosra, so beautiful in his wine-steeped robe with strength. Why
are thy garments red ? and thy apparel as from the well-trodden furrow of the
wine-press ? For the prophetic spirit, — as if already about to contemplate the
Lord coming to his passion, clothed to wit in flesh, as having suffered in it, —
designates the ...

Tirosh Lo Yayin Or The Wine Question Considered In An Entirely Novel Point Of View

Author: J. Stubbin
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Turn we now to the real controversy in England. Which of the several wines
above noticed was the most popular, and most frequently used, in ancient
Palestine 2 The author will not pretend to fix on any one of them, but will just
observe that, bearing in mind the definitions at the commencement of this treatise
, the contest will necessarily lie between ausis, fresh-pressed juice (unless it be
thought too general a term); hlamer, must ; sobhe, sapa, inspissated wine; and
hkometz, vinegar, ...


Author: Ronald J. Clarke
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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'Noble' grapes are those that give wines that are appreciated by wine
connoisseurs and wine drinkers in general for their sensory properties. Table 2.1
shows eight noble 'whites' and seven 'reds' – although this selection is not
without some controversy. There are many other viniferous grapes of quality,
which are largely of local rather than international significance, such as the
Tempranillo grape of Spain, and the Nebbiolo grape of Italy. These and possibly
others may well become ...