My Vis Vis Or Harry S Account Of His Courtship And Other Poems

Author: Mary Eliza Rogers
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The Enunciations and Figures belonging to the Propositions in the First Six and
part of the Eleventh Books of Enclid's Elements, (usually read in the Universities,)
repared for Students in Geometry. _By the Rev. J. Brasse ... IltS'l' French Book;
beinw a New, Practical, and Easy Method of Learning the Elements of the French
Language. T; New Edition. Fcap. 8Y0. 1s. 6d. French Fables, for Beginners, in
Prose, with an Index of all the words at the end of the work. New Idlftion. Fcap.
8vo. 2s.

The Spectator

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Edited from the MSS. in London, Oxford, and Honicb, with an English Translation,
by E. A. Wallis Budge, M.A., late Scholar of Christ College, Cambridge, and
Tyrwhitt Soholar, Assistant in the Department of Egyptian and Assyrian
Antiquities of the ... SPECIMENS of FRENCH LITERATURE. Selected and
Arranged. Crown 8vo, cloth, 9s. London : HENRY FRO CLASSICAL SCHOOL
BOOKS. By J. BARROW ALLEN, M.A. An Elementary Latin Grammar. Third
Edition, 2s 6d. A First Latin ...

The Publishers Circular And General Record Of British And Foreign Literature

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The book has already reached a second edition, and over 2,000 copies were
disposed of within a few weeks of publication, which is the more remarkable from
the fact that the French public are not as a ride extensive readers of books of
travel. ' From a Quiet Place ' is the ... Thus, one series is on thick notepaper,
labelled externally "To my Valentine," while within, also in gilt letters, are lines on
one side, and vis a vis, an elegantly drawn female in colours. The costumes are
walking, ...

History Of Shock Waves Explosions And Impact

Author: Peter O. K. Krehl
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540304215
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His book, which passed through six editions and was also translated into English
and French, is richly illustrated by numerous apparatus appropriate for
demonstrating to an audience {⇨Figs. ... GRAVESANDE affirms that the force of a
body is proportional to its mass multiplied by the square of its velocity − thus,
departing from his customary attachment to the Newtonian school and adopting
the Huygens-Leibniz concept of vis visa {HUYGENS ⇨1668/1669 & 1703;
LEIBNIZ ⇨1686}.

Efta Bulletin

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The EFTA countries' trade and trade policy vis-a-vis the Less Developed
Countries (LDCs), by Jan Herin and Amund Utne. 6. ... English and Portuguese.
Trade studies □ EFTA Trade 1983. Of interest mainly to economists. A statistical
analysis of EFTA trade. English, French and German trilingual edition. □ EFTA
Markets for Yugoslav products. Papers presented at a meeting of marketing
experts from EFTA countries and ... Copies of the first six Annual Reports are also

Dictionary Of Modern American Philosophers

Author: John R. Shook
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1843710374
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His first book, French and German Socialism, appeared in 1883 and described
the many thinkers of the preceding century who had contributed ideas to
European socialism. ... (1889) was by no means the first general account of the
operation of the economy, it was intended as much as a popular account as a
professional textbook, and was the basis of his widely disseminated Outlines of
Economics (first edition, 1893), which went through six editions and sold over
300,000 copies.

Oliver And Boyd S Edinburgh Almanac And National Repository

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J home out by the first metaphysical minds, and the first of scholastic authoritia.
from JofmLocke or Roger Aseham, downieards ; and amore imjiortant, affltowt
less popular, personage than either of these in school establishments, vis.
Comim* Sense, We think it a ... LE TRESOR DE L'ECOLIER FRANCAIS (16th
Edition) ; or, The Art of Translating at Sight English into French, in order to
acquire both a Theoretical and Colloquial Knowledge of the French Language.
Price 3s. 6d. bound.

The Life And Times Of Queen Victoria

Author: Robert Wilson
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Desk and Pocket Editions. Each. Bo-Peep. A Treasury for the Little Ones. Yearly
Volume. Boards. {See 3s. 6d.) New Testament, An Introduction to the. Translated
from the French by The Lady's Dresslng-Room. / Lady Colin Campbell. ... Cheap
Edition. In Eight Vols, Each. Cassell's English Dictionary. Giving Definitions of
more lhan 100,000 Words and Phrases. Cheap Edition. Cassell's Biographical
Dictionary. Containing Memoirs or the Most Eminent Men and Women of all Ages
and ...

The Incorporated Linguist

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When I say current, I mean at time of writing (April 1979), bearing in mind that
prices do fluctuate, and many may be up or even down, depending on the
strength of the pound vis-a-vis other currencies. I was told by Grant & Cutler ...
Probably the best-known French- English (and English-French) general
dictionary is the two-volume Harrap's New Standard French & English Dictionary
(by J. E. Mansion, revised and edited by R. P. L. and Margaret Led^sert). Part
One (French-English) ...